Fast Track 9 PPL Exams over 4 Days for Aeroplanes and Helicopters.

Halifax West Yorkshire & London Heathrow locations. You will learn the key aspects of all the ground school theory subjects and appreciate why these subjects are a vital part of any pilots training. Contrary to popular belief, the subjects are not dry and boring. They are both interesting and thought provoking. A good understanding of all aspects of the PPL syllabus will stand you in good stead when you take to the skies with your friends and family.

Fast Track Air Law PPL Ground School 1 Day for Aeroplanes and Helicopters.

Organisations such as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) lay down regulations and procedures which to a very great extent are enshrined in the national legislation of ICAOs

Fast Track Operational Procedures PPL Ground School 1 Day for Aeroplanes.

As a Private Pilot, exercising the privileges of your licence you'll be flying in United Kingdom airspace and perhaps in the sovereign airspace of other nations.

Fast Track Human Performance & Limitations PPL Ground School 1 Day for Aeroplanes and Helicopters.

For a pilot, the study of Human Performance and Limitations is crucial to an understanding of the central role played by the human factor of understanding safety and efficiency in flying operations.

Fast Track Aircraft General Knowledge PPL Ground School 1 Day for Aeroplanes.

The Aircraft General Knowledge course covers all of the essential components of a modern light aircraft. These are the aircrafts electrical, electronic, mechanical and hydraulic systems, its engine and instrumentation.

Fast Track Principles of Flight PPL Ground School 1 Day for Aeroplanes.

This course teaches you the theoretical and practical knowledge of aerodynamics, load factor, stalling, the four forces, flight controls, effects of weight, altitude & temperature for given aerial manoeuvres as well as comprehensive information related to stall and spin characteristics of typical light training aircraft.

Fast Track Communications PPL Ground School 1 Day for Aeroplanes & Helicopters.

The Communications course is designed to help you pass the VHF Communications examination and to provide you with practical advice and assistance in learning and using radiotelephony (RT) skills.

Fast Track Navigation PPL Ground School 1 Day for Aeroplanes.

During our Navigation course, we aim to teach you every element of the theory underlying the pilot navigators art effectively and enjoyably. In order specifically to meet the PPL Navigation Ground School 'theoretical knowledge' requirements, our course also includes basic theory instruction in radio navigation aids.

Fast Track Flight Performance & Planning PPL Ground School 1 Day for Aeroplanes.

The study of aircraft performance and flight planning is crucial to your understanding of the performance potential and limitations of your aircraft.

Fast Track Meteorology PPL Ground School 1 Day for Aeroplanes & Helicopters.

The study of aviation meteorology is a fundamental part of any pilot training. A thorough understanding of weather theory and the ability to interpret weather briefing documents are absolutely essential to all pilots, whether Private or Professional.

Fast Track Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) Theory PPL Ground School 1 Day for Aeroplanes.

The Great Circles IMC Theory course will enable you to prepare for the ground examination and practical flying test for the IMC Rating more thoroughly, effectively and enjoyably than is possible using traditional study methods. The course also offers an excellent grounding in the theory and practice of instrument flying for those pilots embarking on a full Instrument Rating course.

Please note the information contained on this page applies only to Norwegian students who wish to sit PPL Theoretical Knowledge examinations in the United Kingdom.

Fast Track Mobile PPL Ground School 1 to 5 Days for Aeroplanes & Helicopters.

The Great Circles Fast Track Mobile Ground School is a unique new service specifically designed for those of you who are unable to attend our courses.

Fast Track Flight Radio Telephony Operators Radio Licence (FRTOL) 1 Day for Aeroplanes & Helicopters.

Our FRTOL course has been specifically designed to help private pilots achieve the highest standards of radio communication.