Introduction to Airducation

Airducation Introduction

Those of you that have attended our courses know we are a company that subscribes to only one ethos: Flight Safety. We like to think that’s why you chose us in the first place, given that you didn’t want to pass your exams by merely learning answers to questions; a seriously hazardous practice.

You chose to come on our courses and learn what you need to be safe and how to apply your knowledge practically. Passing your PPL Exams was then merely a by-product of learning about safety. After all, it’s the main reason Pilots have to pass exams in the first place.

For some of you it may be a while since you’ve read your course notes we gave you. Remember we did tell you to keep on reading. Passing an exam today is only a measure of what you know today. We appreciate the pressures of 21st century living, and time being a precious commodity; this makes reading time alongside flying, difficult.

So, how to combat this issue?

To make life easier and ultimately safer for you, The Great Circle has created Airducation. These are essentially mini lessons or tips on all aspects of flying and planning that cover all subjects in the PPL Theoretical Knowledge Syllabus.

Please read them, like them, share them and most importantly of all, adhere to them!

We’ll try and publish as many as we can on a weekly basis. Enjoy, and thanks for reading.


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