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Mass & Balance: Aeroplanes

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The Great Circles Mass and Balance course is closely linked with aeroplane performance. Your preparation for flight departure must include completed Mass and Balance calculations, the flight cannot depart unless the Mass and Balance has been calculated and checked. The operator of an aeroplane is responsible for preparing and completing the relevant Mass and Balance documentation prior to flight. The aeroplane commander has to check and sign that the Mass and Balance documentation is correct as part of his flight preparation.

Our course will cover Mass and Balance legislation, terminology and calculating and changing centre of gravity. At the end of the course you will be able to understand and construct a load and trim sheet.

In this course we shall look at the factors that affect Mass and Balance which individually or collectively have an important influence on aeroplane operation. We shall look at exceeding mass and centre of gravity limits. Getting it wrong can have disastrous consequences. All aeroplane's have structural limitations placed upon them by the designer to protect the integrity of the structure. The limiting parametres are documented in the aeroplane flight manual and exceeding any of them could lead to a serious incident or at worst an accident. Naturally we should always ensure that limits are not exceeded but at the same time we must be aware of the consequences of exceeding them.

1 Day Course

    •    Definitions & Terminology
    •    Mass, Weight & Pressure
    •    Moments, Levers & C of G
    •    Load & Trim Sheets (SEP/MEP)

2 Day Course

    •    Floor Loading
    •    Centre of Gravity (Addition/Removal of Mass)
    •    Fuel Masses
    •    Load & Trim Sheets (MRJT)

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Structured, high quality lectures covering all aspects of the ATPL Mass & Balance syllabus.


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  • Mathematics
  • 4 Forces
  • C of G
  • Floor Loading
  • MRJT Calculations
  • MRJT Trim
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