PPL e-Exams: Everything you need to know!

PPL  e-Exams

The new PPL e-Exams replaced the traditional paper-based PPL exams on the 5th of October 2020.

They are now taken online with your chosen training provider at their facility, you do not need to attend a specialist CAA test centre as you would for the professional ATPL exams.

Where to sit your exams?

You do not have to sit your exams where you are currently doing your flight training, you can login to your CAA customer portal and select The Great Circle to come and sit your PPL e-Exams.

You can sit your PPL e-Exams during one of our 5-day PPL theory fast-track courses. Alternatively, you can just use us as a friendly test centre to come and sit your exams when your school says you’re ready.

Why you should choose The Great Circle to take your PPL e-Exams

Most PPL flight training providers do not offer a comprehensive ground school course for their students. There's nothing wrong with that, many are just not geared up to deliver the programs and recommend us to complete your ground school training. There are some schools, however, that may simply tell you to read the books and take the exams with them (and charge you for the privilege), but they do not offer any guidance or a formal ground school course. This can put many of you in a precarious position.

The syllabus has changed a lot and there are a large number of questions that now span the whole curriculum! What does that mean? It means that the PPL e-Exams now include material that can be tested in multiple subjects, making the exams harder than they used to be, as it's difficult to revise for one exam at a time if you're going to be asked questions with subject material that overlaps another subject.

We appeal any bad-apple questions in your exam. Sadly, there are a number of fundamentally flawed and/or incorrect answers to questions in some of the exams, no answer is correct to some questions! We will ensure that we appeal these questions immediately on your behalf, so that you are credited with the score you deserve. All of the work that goes into an appeal for flawed and incorrect questions, is included as part of our service and commitment to you.

We’re also cheaper than most schools if you're just wanting to sit an exam with us and not take our 5 day course with all 9 exams. Some training providers are charging between £70 and £90 per exam! We charge £40 per PPL e-Exam. If you take our 5-day PPL Ground School course, the price includes all e-Exams and feedback, making these courses extremely good value for money.

Our price includes light refreshments, an invigilator, and a friendly examiner to provide advice and feedback at the end of your exam no matter what. Some schools don’t even provide an invigilator and keep you waiting for feedback from an examiner. Imagine if you had to appeal a question or something went wrong with the system? It could mean having to re-sit your exam(s). It’s simply money down the drain if there’s no one supervising you or providing feedback afterwards. We provide immediate feedback right after your exam. No waiting, no fuss.

Our venue is located in the historic town of Halifax in a stunning Victorian period building. Our training facility is large, with multiple training and break-out rooms to relax, and is set out over 5 floors. It's a quiet venue with no noisy aeroplanes taking off and landing! We have state of the art ICT with super-fast broadband, all the equipment you require for your exams and as much tea, coffee, and chocolate as you can drink and eat.
Halifax is a fabulous place to go out and celebrate after you’ve passed your exams with its myriad of upmarket bars and restaurants. There is plenty of free parking at our venue.

Remember, you do NOT have to sit you PPL e-Exams with your flight training provider, you can come to The Great Circle for your PPL ground school or e-Exams and return to your flight training provider with all exams passed and ready to complete your PPL!

What are you waiting for? Book you PPL ground school and/or e-Exams with us today. It’s as simple as calling or emailing us, we take care of all the administration including booking your e-Exams.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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