Development of UAV Pilot's Licence Project.

Development of UAV Pilot's Licence Project

The purpose of The Great Circles work in this project was to define the work required to research, specify and document licence standards, training requirements and potential course content that could be used as basis for consultation with national and other regulatory authorities.

We designed a framework with a syllabus and developed course materials for the theoretical knowledge requirements that would lead to the award of a new Unmanned Aircraft Commander licence. The requirements and content are similar in nature to those for conventional pilot and aircraft commander training, but tailored specifically for Unmanned Aircraft.

The overall objectives for this project were to:

    •    Participate in workshops to support discussion and development of a suitable draft licence standard.

    •    Prepare a draft selection process and training syllabus.

    •    Prepare training material suitable for delivery of a trial course.

    •    Complete pre-training activities using research subjects for continued participation.

    •    Submit findings to regulatory authorities and the MoD for comment.